whoa, we’re halfway there. ohhooohhh living on a pear…(day 5 of the cleanse)

14 Mar

Wow…cannot believe I’m already at day 5. Anyone that says they can’t do at least a 3-day cleanse is just a liar. I think I am really starting to see some of the effects of the cleanse. My skin actually looks amazing. It is glowing and so clear and the eye baggage that I was rocking a couple of weeks ago has pretty much disappeared. I think it’s because I am having really restful sleep.

As a side note about “restful sleep,”  last night I had a dream that my friend and I had a slumber party. At the slumber party, we baked lots of brownies and I ate them. I remember freaking out in my dream after eating the sweets and saying “IT’S DAY 5 AND NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER.” Weirldy, when I woke up, I actually felt like I’d been chewing something, and have no strong desire to do so today.

Yesterday I got a skin brush (well it was just a natural bristle hair brush but I’m using it on my skin) and brushed all over. Apparently, since skin is the body’s largest elimination organ, skin brushing helps to stimulate a lymphatic cleanse. After skin brushing and showering, I took my measurements. Drum roll…I am down a total of 12 lbs since before I went vegan, and 6 lbs since I began my juice cleanse. Also I have lost 9 inches! (Note – these are not just stomach inches, but include thighs, arms, calves, etc. —here is my post where I list the measurements.) Now, I know that many of these inches and pounds will return when I start eating again..but not the vegan ones, right?

In an effort to have something a little more savory, I decided to do a tomato juice. I used green cabbage, romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, red bell pepper, celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, and lemon. I thought it would taste like V8. It was similar, but since V8 is loaded up with tons of salt, sugar, and the dreaded HFCS,  it was a bit different. Different but enjoyable.

Here is a picture of how pretty all of the ingredients are layered up after juicing. They turn into a sludge burgundy green post-mix. Womp.

In mini celebration of making it HALFWAY, I decided to treat myself to a little jewelry shopping spree at Forever 21. Since I am spring-cleaning my body, I figured I might as well spring-clean some of my old busted jewelry too.

If these first 5 days have been the uphill climb, I think rolling downhill for the second 5 should be easy as pie. Or juice for that matter.

the happenstance gourmande


One Response to “whoa, we’re halfway there. ohhooohhh living on a pear…(day 5 of the cleanse)”

  1. NikitaBanana March 14, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Love the title and the rainbow fun of the blender. I’d like to see a pic of the juicer, not the blender. This is why I am getting confuzzled!

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