Pesky veganism and conscientious omnivores…(day 10 of the cleanse)

19 Mar

So I’ll have to admit…I am DYING to eat today. I should probably let you know that of all my 10 days on my juice cleanse, today I think I feel the worst. When I say “worst,” I still mean that I feel great but I’m thinking that today, or maybe yesterday, is my hardest day. As I mentioned before, I watched entirely too much Food Network this weekend, and it has just made me remember how much I love flavors and textures and the feeling of chewing food and the pleasure that comes from eating something amazing and feeling satisfied.

On top of me dreaming about food, and spending hours reading recipes, I made the mistake of only having one green juice yesterday, and no green juice today. The only greens that I have left in my fridge are cabbage, cucumbers, and kale…but I already have plans for a kale and white bean saute, cucumbers in a salad with avocado, and corned beef and cabbage minus the corned beef. By not drinking green juice, and only having fruit and more sugary vegetables in my juices, I think it’s making me feel slightly sluggish (in comparison to green juice days, not in comparison to my normal life). Instead of waking up before my alarm clock this morning, I snoozed once. Still a vast improvement from my usual pre-cleanse snooze for an hour…but definitely a difference.

Overall, I feel really amazing and am SO pleased with myself for making it 10 days. I will update with overall measurements and a final weight-loss tally tomorrow but I thought I’d leave you with a few lessons that I have learned while juicing:

  • I am able to listen to my body’s cues and tell the difference between hunger and thirst (and boredom)
  • If I ever feel like my eating has spiraled out of control, I know that a 3- or 5-day juice cleanse will get me back to normal
  • Juicing for 10 days has allowed my body to reset itself and I will have no problems resisting treats
  • I had more energy juicing than eating 3 square meals a day — and because of that, I could have worked out more to release more toxins from my body
  • The less I eat, the BETTER my body feels — it does not like to be stuffed with excess sugar and fat
  • I should definitely integrate fresh green juices into my life as many days a week as possible
  • My body thanks me when I am good to it and being good to it entails limiting dairy and meat
  • I really cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke
  • I can probably do anything for 10 days if I set my mind to it

I am excited to wake up tomorrow and eat GRAPES and AVOCADO and BANANA. I plan to continue to be nice to my body by following what I’ll call a weekday pesky vegan and weekend conscientious omnivore diet — in other words, vegan plus fish during the week (pesco-vegan) and anything that I’d like on the weekend (still maintaining my commitment to eating good, clean food, free of hormones, pesticides, and GMOs).

Wish me luck finishing out my last day of just juice!

the happenstance gourmande


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