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It’s a glorious day!

8 Mar

Literally. There are sunny blue skies and it is supposed to hit the low 70’s in DC today. Anyways, rewinding back to yesterday, my friend Meredith (whose amazing blog you should read is here) and I decided to do Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 workout. After a waaay too long hiatus, we jumped back into these hellish workouts last week and did a round during lunch. Normally I find the workouts to be miserable, but yesterday I noticed that in addition to the usual pain, I was sweating WAY more than normal. Brushing it off as me being out of practice and the temperatures being warmer than normal in our office “gym” and wearing an incredibly thick t-shirt…I didn’t think much of it.

When I got home yesterday, while making my awesome salad, I turned on my “Dance Cardio” playlist on Pandora, which gave me some old-school Zumba dance mixes. After a few minutes, I noticed that I was actually jumping and skipping and shimmying around my kitchen at 7 p.m. (apologies to the deer and squirrels in the Park who were subjected to this) which is definitely not my general post-work M.O. After eating, I settled in to watch a NatGeo documentary about meth, and realized that I was exhibiting some of the same symptoms…except my drug is the pure veg!

This morning, I woke up to this glorious day BEFORE MY ALARM CLOCK RANG. With the extra time on my hands, not wanting to devote all two hours to Al, Matt, Ann, and Natalie on NBC, I decided to go to the gym in my building. I did an interval run/walk followed by a few minutes on the elliptical. In addition to the crack-like energy that I had, I noticed that I was SWEATING OUT OF CONTROL again. This time, it couldn’t be the humid conditions or a too-thick t-shirt. I’m thinking that my body is weirdly starting to detox. Pre-juice-cleanse-detox.

As I write this, I am enjoying my scrumptious breakfast, pictured above, but am still fairly overheated. Whatever is going on, I feel great and think that being vegan just might be a good way to go post-cleanse. I had a little bit of a panic last night about how I will stomach 10 days of juice…but if extremely obese people who eat McDonalds can do it, I think that I, who loves fruit like I love french fries, can hang. I hope.

the happenstance gourmande


Thank You, Coby

22 Nov

When my friends and I made the slightly inebriated decision to spend a post happy hour dinner at Hooters, I didn’t know that it would be the day to change my life.  Literally.  I’m not sure if you can fathom the pain (emotional and physical) of a Hooters meal.  Hilariously enough, not too long after what I will refer to as “The Hooters Incident” or just “The Incident”, the show “Undercover Boss” featured Coby Brooks-CEO of Hooters.  How appropriate! 

Not surprisingly, around the same time as The Incident, I tipped the scale at a lifetime high.  Eeeek.  I am, and have been a card-carrying member of The Yo-Yo Dieters Club since circa 2001, however I knew that my experience with food during The Incident transcended a mere diet.  I experienced a toxicity in my body brought on by food that I never wanted to experience again.  I don’t blame Hooters for creating the foods that it does…well, yes I actually do.  Before I begin a long diatribe, lambasting American chain-restaurant culture, I will stop and say that The Incident changed my life by forcing me to think critically about every morsel I put in my mouth. 

As I climb off my soapbox, I want to say that I recently hit a major milestone in my weight loss journey. (HALFWAY!!!!) I refer to it as my weight loss journey, because I don’t view my post-Hooters relationship with food as a diet.  Everything seemed to fall into place all at once.  We had a local foods expert give a talk at work, I began a trial membership with a CSA type farm delivery program, Food Inc was on Showtime…the list goes on and on. 

I hope you will follow me through my journey as I reminisce about the past ten months as well as keep you posted with my recipes, weight loss progression and any other morsels of goodness that I have picked up along the way. 

the happenstance gourmande