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Meal planning for the (very distant) future…(day 3 of the cleanse)

12 Mar

So today is the first day back at work and other than my green juice sitting next to me, everything is completely normal. Luckily the morning was pretty busy, so the time flew by before I was able to think about my hunger (or lack thereof). I made a super sweet apple, pear, and green grape juice for breakfast this morning, and a nice zesty green for lunch with celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon, apple, pear, and ginger. Since it’s such a gorgeous day out (temperatures reaching the upper 60’s and lots of sunshine), my friend and I decided to go on a walk during lunch. Walking on streets that I normally never set foot on led me to discover some tasty treasures lurking in my office’s backyard.

The first place we passed was Freshii. It looks like a wrap/salad/rice bowl bar that could be a vast improvement over my normal love/hate relationship with Pret and Chopt. Next, we saw a lobster shack and….A WHOLE RESTAURANT DEDICATED TO MEATBALLS. Of course it would be the brainchild of one of my favorite DC chefs, Michel Richard. With lentil and lamb meatballs in a morel mushroom sauce, this will DEFINITELY be a place to revisit.  

As we finished our walk, last but by no means least, we passed a Parisian bakery called Paul. We walked inside, which would certainly seem to be pure torture, and spotted perfectly pastel macarons, deliciously flaky pain au chocolat, and tartines and quiches galore.

Why would I subject myself to this culinary waterboarding? Well, surprisingly with the aromas of macarons and meatballs wafting in the near distance, my hunger pains are at bay and it wasn’t torture at all. While I can think fondly about the amazing gastronomical delights that await in a couple of weeks, I am not craving them. I am not sad nor jealous nor covetous of my coworker’s french fries. I am perfectly content with my jug of green. For my third day into the fast, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be!

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